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The new pastor was nervous speaking before his flock for the first time and flubbed the scripture quotation that introduced his homily.

"I have taken for my text the words,
'And they fed the five men with
5,000 loaves of bread and 2,000 fishes.'"

At this obvious misquotation,
an old parishoner, Mr Bailey,
sitting in the front pew said in a stage whisper audible thoughtout the church,
"That's no miracle. I could do that myself."

The red-faced priest said nothing.
On the next Sunday, however, he announced the same text.
This time he got it right,letter perfect.
He paused for a moment, and then, leaning over the pulpit and looking straight at last weeks offending old
Mr Bailey and said,
"And could you do that, too,
Mr. Bailey?"

"Of course I could,"
said old Mr Bailey, not embarrassed in the least.
"You could?"
sneered the pastor incredulously.
"Pray tell us, just how might you do that."

"With last Sunday's leftovers,"
said the old gentleman, with a hint of triumph in his voice.