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Dear Jessica
Thank you for stopping by to veiw my webpage and to leave your message in my Guestbook.
I wish you had left a way to contact you so that I could have sent you a personal reply.
But, since you chose not to,
then I will answer you here and also address this to all other


who believe as you do and
who do not agree with the subject material that this page has attempted to cover about the

Catholic Believers
believe in and have their hope for salvation
through the same Saviour as you believe.
Good Works is the fruit of faith and if one has left out 'good works'
then perhaps there is a lack of Faith and if we are reading the same
Books of the Bible
it also says that
Faith without Works is dead.
Catholics are very aware that
Good Works alone
would never save them or get them into heaven.
Catholics know that without faith in
Jesus Christ
and His salvation plan for the world, that no one is saved through works
lest they should boast.
So put your mind at rest for this.

~My dear Jessica and Jesse friends~
Are you speaking in the spirit of Jesus when you are condemning others?
A Christian attitude would be more in line with the teaching of Christ, even when you do not believe as other Christians do.
As a fellow Christian,
perhaps you could display a spirit of
love, joy and peace
with other Christians who have Jesus in their heart.

I have no intentions to convert anyone to Catholicism,
my desire was to share what is the faith of the Church.

Only God can give to those who are open to it
the gift of faith to His Church.
If one has chosen to go another way
then you are free to do so.
Thank God where ever He has placed you!

As for me, I received His gift into
the Roman Catholic faith
for which I am most grateful.

The purpose of these pages is to share with anyone who visits my webpage
some wonderful Links and Subjects that help all to understand the fullness, the richness and the spirit of the
Roman Catholic Church.
If you found an invitation there too,
then it must have come from the Lord.
Everyone is free to believe or not to believe
and even Our God does not force us to believe in anything.

He has given to all of us
a free will...a free spirit....
and the opportunity to choose salvation through
Jesus Christ
to choose
eternal Life over eternal Death!

Perhaps some will choose not to be saved.

It is up to each one of us to find the
that will lead us there and to be saved through accepting
Jesus Christ
who has paid the price for our sins
and has made our Salvation possible.

It is only
through HIM,
with HIM
in HIM
that we are saved.

contrary to how you believe, one can find all these truths
in the Catholic Church and therefore, the Roman Catholic Church
It was not my intent or was it possible for me to spread lies that are not there!
It is said that
will set us free!

I ask all the
Jessica's and Jesse's
who may read this
do you have the
spirit of truth
that will set you free?


~ just a wee voice ~

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